Shell blanks for inlays

Blacklip Inlay

Blackpen Inlay

Brownlip Inlay

Brownpen Inlay

Paua Abalone Inlay

Mother of Pearl Inlay


All Inlays are polished and are hand made cut. Sizes vary from 2x2cm and 2x4cm with width of at least 1.5mm. We can customized to your preferable sizes. Minimum order is 1,000 pieces. Shipping will be shouldered by client.

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How to make a seashell blow horn

Taken from Shell Trumpet
Taken from Shell Trumpet

We are supplying shells for more than three decades and this is the first time i have come across the tutorial. Making seashell blow horns or trumpets has been practiced for thousand of years but just recently someone made a youtube video on how to make it.  It is really fun actually and makes you feel like captain Jack sparrows calling the other pirates.

First you will need

A Conch Shell(I have a list below on what type you can use)

A Metal Saw

A Sandpaper/emery cloth

A screw driver and a tap hammer


  1. Measure aproximately 1 inch from the bottom of the shell and mark it with a line. This is where you will blow so make sure that the hole you make will not be too large or too little for your mouth.
  2. Cut the shell where you marked it. Make sure you cut straight
  3. Look straight at the bottom of the shell and you will see that there is something that will be blocking your lips when you put it in the seashell.
  4. Remove the blocking part by using a screwdriver and a tap hammer which is about 1/4 of the diameter of the cut circle.
  5. Use sand paper to smooth out the cut part so you will not get your lips cut when using the horn.

Shells to used


Decades ago, Our ancestors used the mighty Triton Charonia Tritonis, The Horned Helmet Cassis Cornuta, and the Queen Conch Strombus Gigas as Blowhorns. I strongly believe that this shells should not be use or even pick from the ocean since they are already scarce and they need to grow in numbers.

Taken from Cassis Cornuta
Taken from Cassis Cornuta
Taken from Charonia Tritonis
Taken from Charonia Tritonis
Taken from Strombus Gigas
Taken from Strombus Gigas


You can use this shells instead.

  1. Horse Conch – Pleuroploca Trapezium
  2. Frog Conch – Bursa Bubo
  3. Melon Shell – Melo Diadema

Drum roll. Sales Pitch

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from youtube user HUMAN PERSON

Sea Shell Balls

Sea Shell balls made from a stryro base then glued with different kinds of seashells. Common seashells used are Bubble shells, Caycay shells, urcheus, clam rose and cowrie. It is very good for decorating the living room or the display shelves. It can also be used for beach wedding decorations. We can costumized the sizes to 4inch, 6 inch, 8 inch base diameter. We can also made other balls from other sea shells just let us know. Price starts at USD1.90/piece(shipping will be shouldered by the buyer). Minimum order is USD300 for this item.  We will pack this in old newspaper then put inside a corrugated cardboard box to ensure safe arrival of items.

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Names of Seashells use in Airplants

Air plants are perfect for those who have little time to take care of ordinary houseplants. It is a very good decoration for your house. It can also be used in terrariums. Making it as a giveaway or souvenir for your party or wedding will also be a good idea.

Shells can be a good vase for Airplants. There are many shells used in the airplant industry and all of them looks almost the same. Do you know what their name is?  Or what they are made of? Basically, shells used in airplants are divided into three categories Sea Urchins, Sea shells and Land Snails.


To Make sea urchins vase for airplants it must be first denuded(thorns removed) and cleaned. They are then dip in Bleached and let them dry. Final stage is to cover it with glue so that it will not break easily, Since dry sea urchin shells are very brittle. Air plants are then inserted in the hole and hang upside down to look like and octopus. or upright to look like a normal plant. Common urchins used are Sputnik urchin, Alfonso urchin, Suaki Urchins which have lavender, pink, green colors.

taken from Pink suaki urchin hanged to look like a jellyfish.
taken from Pink suaki urchin hanged to look like a jellyfish.
taken from SucculentDESIGNS etsy page. Sputnik sea urchin use as planter for airplants
taken from SucculentDESIGNS etsy page. Sputnik sea urchin use as planter for airplants


Sea shells are the best material to be used in airplant since they are very robust and easier to get.  The shells needs to be clean and make sure that there are no more meat inside of it so that it will not smell. Some shells are dipped in Bleached to remove their skins while others need to be dipped in acid to remove there cement scales(be careful with using acids and bleached). After the shells are squeeky clean  the plant is then inserted. Some put magnets on the shell so it will stick to the fridge.

Taken from AirPlantStudio etsy page. Tonna sulcosa sea shell with magnet sticks on the ref
Taken from AirPlantStudio etsy page. Tonna sulcosa sea shell with magnet sticks on the ref
Taken from 3 different seashells with the same purpose – take care of those plants

Common Seashells used in airplants

Not in picture is the Nautilus, Pink Murex, Murex Endivia, Lambis Lambis.


Land snails look very much like some seashells. But they are much more easy clean. Below are some examples of land snails. They are less colorful than the seashells but hey it does the job.

Taken from Land snails and airplants
Taken from Land snails and airplants




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Caput Seashell Turtle with hat and glasses

Caput seashell turtle is handmade from seashells. Made from Monetaria caputserpentis and Annulus Shells. Some seashell turtle are added with hats and Glasses depending on buyers preference. This is pack in 100 pcs/ polybag. Price is USD13/bag. Minimum order of 1000 pcs. Please contact us to order so we can also calculate postage.

Seashell turtle dimensions are 1.5inchx1inchx1inch.

Caput Turtle with hat
Caput Turtle with hat

Ornamental Shells

Ornamental shells are shells that are use specifically for decorations. Ornamentals can be use are commonly used as Home decorations. It is also good as Collectors items, gifts or nautical theme parties. This are usually priced per piece.

Shells in a Bottle

Shells in a Bottle is our newest addition to our products. We put small shells inside the bottle and cap it with natural materials such as fish net make of manila rope, raffia, and manila rope. We can costumized this product to your satisfation.